steeping e-juice

Steeping e-liquid: Why and how?

  Customers at are the connoisseurs of the finest e-juices, because they only vape a decadent plethora of exotic tastes and aromas. Naturally, as experts in the field of e-juice flavors, you relish in all the latest vaping trends and are always seeking an innovative way to enjoy your favorite past-time. Yet, as experienced

vaping on TV

Vaping on TV: What shows exhibit e-cigs?

  Since the culture of vaping has vastly expanded over the years, it only seems natural that mainstream television has taken an interest. As a way of acknowledging an entire community that has been preaching the benefits for over a decade, directors have finally begun to represent vaping on TV just like it is expressed

misconceptions about vaping

Things you should never say to a vaper

  The more we grow to realize that we live in a world that is often stigmatized by what people read online, the more you’re probably used to being lumped into the same category as a smoker. No matter how many times that you try to demonstrate or explain that the two actions are not