Welcome to Fall!

Greetings Zeus E-Jucians! Welcome to Fall! For many, Fall is their favorite time of year. From the flavors, the scents, the scenery, to the relaxed feeling of snuggling up under a warm blanket with your favorite vape. To begin the 2015 Fall season Zeus E-Juice is giving away a 20% off coupon. Use the code: […]

Interesting Read

Greetings Zeus E-Jucians!! Check out this interesting article we found from: http://blog.aspirecig.com/17-untrue-e-cigarette-myths-busted-complete-w-origins/ We’d love to hear your comments and any stories or myths that you may have encountered along your vaping journey. Sincerily, The Zeus E-Juice Team

Labor Day Coupon!

Greeting Zeus E-Jucians!! In recognition of Labor Day, we are giving away a coupon for 20% off your purchase. The coupon starts today, and expires at midnight on Monday the 7th. The coupon code is: hardwork15 Simply enter the coupon code during checkout to apply it to your order. We wish you all a safe […]