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With the recent Harvard study hitting mass media, we have received a lot of inquiries through customer service concerning whether or not our e-liquid flavors contain the chemical diacetyl. Trying to effectively answer every inquiry has become a challenge, so we have decided to release a blog to inform our customers. All customer service inquiries regarding diacetyl will be temporarily directed to this blog, which we hope will answer all of your questions and concerns for the time being.

The quick answer to this question is no – our flavors do not contain diacetyl. Our flavor supplier manufactures diketone-free versions of their flavors. Diketone is a sort-of umbrella for chemicals such as diacetyl, and those diketone-free versions are the only flavors we purchase and use in our e-liquid manufacturing process.

The slow answer typically involves details that the mass media will not tell you. We will tell you a few things here, but also recommend that you do your own research, because the truth is available to us all.

To start – we’re sure you have all heard of “popcorn lung” which is why you’re all curious about diacetyl in our flavorings. The individuals who acquired popcorn lung at that popcorn factory were exposed to highly concentrated amounts of diacetyl – much more than your typical every-day vaper would ever be exposed to even if their e-juice flavor of choice contained diacetyl.

If you’re thinking vaping is more harmful, or equally as harmful as smoking analog cigarettes, let’s consider a detail about diacetyl that was not revealed to the public, and that detail is: analog cigarettes contain 110 times more diacetyl than what has been found in e-liquids. We think it is rather suspicious that there has never been a news media article or report released about the diacetyl content of cigarettes, or that a person could potentially acquire “popcorn lung” by smoking them. Furthermore – it has been stated in some science blogs related to this topic, that analog cigarettes are actually higher in diacetyl content than the environment the popcorn factory workers were exposed to.

The Harvard study does create a link to a potentially harmful chemical, but diacetyl is categorized by the FDA as a GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) substance. The chemical is considered potentially harmful because of its association with the popcorn factory incident, however, with the presence of other chemicals at the popcorn factory it is unknown whether diacetyl was the lead factor in causing popcorn lung or not.

At the end of the day, we work in an industry that is growing exponentially every year as more and more cigarette smokers convert to vaping. This growth is a huge threat to Big Tobacco – who would love nothing more than to destroy the competition of small business so they can have more control over the e-cigarette industry. Big Tobacco will do “whatever” they feel is necessary to gain this control, including the manipulation of mass media and scientific studies. The information in this blog was collected from scientific sources on the web, as well as articles that have gone below the surface to inform people rather than try to scare them.

There are two websites that we would like to link you all to. – Research by Dr. Farsalinos – who is a forerunner in conducting and delivering honest test results for the e-cigarette industry. You might be surprised by the information you find here. – Lots and lots of up-to-date news regarding the politics, and health concerns of the e-cigarette industry.

In closing, we do not claim that e-cigarettes are completely healthy for you, however, we do maintain the position that e-cigarettes are healthier than analog cigarettes. We do not claim that e-cigarettes are un-harmful, but we do maintain the position that e-cigarettes are considerably less-harmful than analog cigarettes. An independent study conducted in the UK concludes that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes with the potential to help smokers quit. You can read an article discussing this study at the following link:

We hope you find this information useful, and know that Zeus E-Juice will always work to provide a safe and satisfying experience for our customers, and all vapers alike.

As always, Happy Vaping,

-The Zeus E-Juice Team




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