Who Vapes Without Nicotine?

Who Vapes Without Nicotine?Although many ex-smokers transition to electronic cigarettes because they deliver nicotine in a safer way than combustible cigarettes, there are vapers who prefer zero-nicotine options. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at who vapes without nicotine. 1) Ex-Smokers Yes, you read that right! Initially, many ex-smokers make the switch because they can inhale nicotine without […]

Thailand Vape Ban

Thailand Vape BanA Thai ban on vaping, introduced in 2014, has recently been making the headlines around the globe, warning travelers planning a visit to the Land of Smiles to make sure to leave their electronic cigarettes behind. Despite the fact that the nation has been under military rule since 2014 following months of political turmoil, in […]