Zeus E-Juice Joins the Florida Smoke Free Association

Zeus E-Juice Joins the Florida Smoke Free Association

Zeus E-Juice Joins the Florida Smoke Free Association

Zeus E-Juice is proud to announce that we have recently become a member of the Florida Smoke Free Association. The FSFA is a non-profit advocacy group and trade organization with membership including e-cigarette vendors, manufacturers, and consumers.

The FSFA was formed to advocate on behalf of the vape industry, and the association works with the government to try to combat the devastating health effects of combustible tobacco consumption. If that sounds like it casts a broad net, that’s because the FSFA engages and interacts with people on every level, from state and federal government workers to small and medium-sized businesses to the media, the public, and consumers. It does this all on a non-profit basis; none of the officers receive any money.

The main goal of the FSFA is to lessen, and ultimately eliminate, the harm caused by cigarette smoking. The way that the FSFA aims to advance this goal is by fostering conditions that lead to more vaping and less smoking. In a way, this is unique. Historically, attempts to treat cigarette addiction have been simple smoking cessation. The FSFA’s try at tobacco harm reduction is based on the “Switch and Quit” method, having smokers become vapers.

At its heart, the FSFA is a rights organization. And not only does it advocate on behalf of e-cigarette industry members, but it fights for the rights of cigarette users too. Namely, it fights for their right to conditions in which switching from smoking to vaping is as easy as possible. When considering how deadly cigarette smoking is, and how relatively less harmful vaping is, it’s only scientific misunderstanding that opposes the move towards a switch from vaping to smoking.

By becoming a member, Zeus E-Juice is glad to help the cause. We here at Zeus E-Juice know how destructive cancer is, and how so much of that destruction is the direct result of cigarette use. We want to do everything in our power to help solve this problem, including making the switch from smoking to vaping as easy as possible.

Have you made the switch from smoking to vaping? Tell us your story in the comments below.

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