Customer creations: Tasty e-liquids you’ve helped us create

fruit vape juice

fruit vape juice

Although all the hand-crafted vape juices we sell are both fresh-tasting and delicious, we really can’t take all the credit. After all, many of our popular sellers are actually fruit flavored vape juices that were recommended by our customers and the customers are always right. Treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind e-juice that combines the heavenly sweetness of your most beloved fruit with exquisite savory suggestions.

Peanut butter and banana vape juice

Naturally, we welcomed this delicious suggestion with open arms because basically anything and everything has the potential to taste better when it’s mixed with peanut butter! Combining the slightly salty, fluffy treat with the richness of banana allowed us to create a vape juice that you could start your morning off with. There is almost no need to rush to make breakfast anymore, as this delectable flavor mimics the classic American breakfast favorite. Infusing the impeccable blend of smooth, creamy peanut butter and the soft, sweetness of a ripe banana, we forged a hybrid vape juice flavor that tantalizes the sweet and savory sides of your taste buds. Yum, peanut butter and banana in one juice!

Straw-Melon Cooler Vape Juice

We combined two delicious fruit flavored vape juices in order to create this delightful blend. The best part about this explosively yummy combination of strawberry and watermelon is that when you inhale the vapor into your mouth, you’ll get a bonus cooling feeling which truly makes for a refreshing vape session. Perfect for a lover of menthols, the Straw-Melon Cooler e-juice embodies a sweet, icy-cool pleasantry. Thanks for the suggestion!

Straw-Nana vape juice

We gave you peanut butter banana. We gave you Straw-Melon. And now we’ve taken on a suggestion that pulls from each of these other amazing proposals, the Straw-Nana vape juice. Naturally, many vapers love vaping because of the decadent plethora of fruit flavored vape juices that are available on the market. Yet, sometimes they crave a certain combination of flavors. That’s why this e-juice sells so well. Based on a suggestion from customer’s like you, we blended the enriching sweet taste of strawberries with a luscious coating of banana and crafted the ultimate e-juice for all the fruit loving vapers out there!  

Which customer suggested flavor will you be trying? Tell us in the comments section below.


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