Spice up your vaping experience with these toasty juices

spice vape juice

spice vape juice

There are so many decadent aromas and crisp flavors that remind us of fall. As the hours of daylight diminish, seasonal fruit becomes scarcer and the temperate climate cools down as if to welcome months of thundering showers. Although autumn is a beautiful part of earth’s renewal cycle, it is also a time of year that is reserved for candle lit dinners, binge-watching movies and baking hearty desserts filed with your favorite fall spices. Save yourself the cleanup, and dedicate more time to lounging around, with some splendid spice vape juice flavors.

Brown sugar vape juice

“Brown sugar, how come you taste so good.” There is a reason that The Rolling Stones sung about it, because it’s absolutely delicious. Just like the real spice, our brown sugar vape juice has a sweet balance of toffee, caramel and molasses, while also exemplifying a tang of acidity and bitterness. The perfect tasty treat to pair with a rainy fall afternoon!

Honey vape juice

Oh honey, you’ll absolutely fall in love with this vape juice! Perhaps because of its natural qualities, this delicious flavor has become an even more favored sweetness to mix into your baking. Just like the true sticky substance, our honey vape juice offers vapers a smooth, instinctive taste with every puff. Never again will you have to spend months waiting on your beekeeper to gather their harvest. Simply enjoy the sweetness of fresh honey all year long.

Toasted almond vape juice

Summertime is officially over and that also means that many of your favorite nuts are either no longer available or they have skyrocketed in price. Savor the delicious smoky flavor, without spending an almond a leg, when you take a puff of our toasted almond vape juice. Usually, store bought almonds have a relatively neutral taste, making them a nice light snack or a textured addition to your baking recipe. Yet, who can resist the savory, toasted flavor of a baked almond? You’ll go absolutely nuts over this spice vape juice flavor.

Which spice vape juice flavor will you be sampling? Tell us in the comments section below.

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