National Candy Day: A few more Zeus E-Juice top picks

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As if you didn’t already eat your fill of candy on Halloween night (especially based on last week’s suggestions), social media gives you another reason to celebrate sugar-coated treats. This Sunday (Nov. 4) is National Candy Day and we know that you’re itching to tear open a bag of your favorite sweets in order to binge-eat the confections that weren’t given out to the ghoulies that were treat or treating on your doorstep. Needless to say, your sugar fix may have also reached its peak by now. So, for those of you who want to celebrate this spectacular holiday, but without the sugary rush of lollies and sweet treats, perhaps a candy vape juice would be a better means of triumphant action?

Grape Hard Candy Vape Juice

We’ve heard down the grapevine, otherwise known as our review page, this this grape flavored bonbon exuberates the ripened aroma and sweetness of wine grapes in a poppin’ candy vape juice flavor. It’s the perfect e-liquid flavor for those who adore red wine and don’t particularly enjoy extra sweet aromas. It’s so grape!  

Lemon Drops Vape Juice

When life throws you lemons, well… you make Lemon Drops vape juice. With just the right zest that you need to get-up-and-go, this candy vape juice flavor mimics the tarty sourness of real lemons while also contributing the sweetness of a candy. It’s an absolute lemon perfection, filled with zingy aromas and an impeccable concentration of flavors. We wouldn’t be surprised if this candy concoction soon turned into your main squeeze when it comes to vape juice picks.

Butterscotch Drops Vape Juice

In sticking with the theme of hard candies that are also available in e-juices, we highly recommend the Butterscotch drops vape juice. Basically, a pure sugar delight, aside from the hint of buttery undertones, this syrupy candy vape juice is incredibly comparable to your Nana’s butterscotch baking as creamy and sweet as the real deal! Try it today!

Which candy vape juice will you be testing out in celebration of National Candy Day? Tell us in the comments section below.


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