How do you recycle your e-cig?

recycling vaping gear

There’s no arguing that vaping is a more environmentally friendly option. It’s a reusable resource for ex-smokers, it doesn’t produce any second-hand smoke, there are less cigarette butts being thrown needlessly onto the ground and you can even recycle your old vaping gear. How cool is that?

The batteries are reusable

E-cigarette batteries are state-of-the-art when it comes the environment because they possess a long-lasting, rechargeable technology. Use the same life-long battery power by recharging your device — an economical and environmentally friendly alternative. Once your battery has reached the end of its life, simply take it to a recycling depot in your area. They don’t always recycle every kind, but they may the proper equipment to dispose of them safely. Well, there you have it. You’ve made an environmentally responsible decision.

The Juice Bottles are recyclable

A serious vaper can go through quite a few e-juice bottles over a short period of time. So, luckily for environmentally conscious vapers, they’re commonly accepted at most recycling depots.

Yet, in order to make them eco-friendly, you must first rinse any remaining e-liquid out of the bottles. Once they are cleaned, you can choose to either reuse the bottles or research the material they are made out of, call around and drop them off at the appropriate recycling location.

How about the coils and tanks?

Tanks are another vaping accessory that can be reused. Why not shelf it for now and use it at a later date? If it is broken or not salvageable, clean it thoroughly with water before safely placing it in your recycling bin at home.

Recycling vaping gear has never been so easy. Since e-cig coils are made out of metal, they can be easily recycled the same as your other metal products. Also, if you manage to collect enough before taking them to your local recycling depot, you may even make a few bucks towards some new, awesome vaping gear.

Have you any had any trouble recycling vaping gear? If so, tell us in the comments below.

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