The perfect stocking stuffers for all the vapers in your life

vaping gifts

The end of November can be a stressful time of year. Especially when you’re scrambling to find the perfect gift to wrap for everyone on your shopping list. If there are any vapers on your nice list, we recommend giving them the gift of practicality — some tasty, new e-juices, a unique piece of vaping hardware, some DIY supplies to spark their creativity and to make it easy for yourself, a simple gift certificate would suffice. Rather than stuffing your loved one’s stockings with novelty Christmas socks, wrap them up a present that they’ll actually use. Here are a few straightforward vaping gifts that you can use to tick off your extensive shopping checklist.

Signature E-juices

If your loved one is a vaper, chances are they already have a tobacco, menthol or apple pie flavored e-juice. So, why not step it up a notch and gift them a signature e-juice that they can’t find anywhere else? Pomona’s Pear e-juice is one of our absolute favorite flavors. This wildly popular, exotic blend of pear mixed with subtle notes of brandy and vanilla would be an excellent choice for a stellar stocking stuffer. On the other hand, if your gift recipient is more of a fan of fruit concoctions then our Zeus Juice e-juice would be a good fit for them. With the perfect combination of raspberry, strawberry, pineapple and mango they will have them raving about their gift for days after the festivities.  

Vaping Hardware

Nothing brings a vaper more joy than receiving new hardware or MODS from their Santa Claus on Christmas morning. Whether it’s a vibrant drip tip to minimize any leaking from their e-juice bottles, a new, heavy-duty tank or a universal, state-of-the-art charger for all their gear, hardware vaping gifts are the perfect way to deck the halls, and the stockings, of your friends and family this holiday season.

DIY Vaping Supplies

If you know a more experienced vaper, some DIY vaping supplies would make a foolproof present to stash in their stockings. Who knows? Maybe they have been itching to make their own yummy flavor combination or they simply want to see what all the hype is about? Regardless, we’re certain that their face will light up on Christmas morning when they unwrap these groovy vaping supplies.

Gift Certificates

Do you know nothing about vaping or vaping gear? Do you prefer to keep your gift giving safe, convenient and conventional? Well, a gift certificate is always the perfect way to go if you are unsure of what to get, feeling pressed on time, or simply want your loved one to get something that they want. It’s the ideal, modern-day present that never leaves the recipient disappointed.

Do you have any other questions about giving away vaping gifts this Christmas? Ask us in the comments section below.

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