Why is vaping more preferable than smoking cigarettes?

 custom vape juice

Although combustible cigarettes have existed for a much longer period of time in comparison to the more advanced nature of an electronic cigarette, they lack a desired appeal within modern day society. Perhaps it’s because of all the carcinogens that can be found in a single cigarette? Needless to say, there are many factors that contribute to people making the switch. Vaping allows its users to choose between an assortment of custom vape juice flavors. Not only do most e-cig brands possess a plethora of tasty options, but they also allow the vaper to select the nicotine concentration level that they prefer. If that’s not enough reason to consider vaping a more preferable option, then you need to recognize how much the body is affected. Vapers who ditch traditional cigarettes are making the choice to free themselves from the health problems that are often associated with a vast ingestion of tobacco as well.

More flavor choices

If you smoke combustible cigarettes there aren’t a lot of choices when it comes to flavors. You either succumb to the smell of burnt tobacco leaves or the minty aromas of menthols, or you simply become addicted to the sensation that nicotine gives to your body and block out the awful smells. That being said, there are way more for those who vape. Many smokers make the switch to e-cigarettes because they are tired of the same boring flavors and crave a custom vape juice blend that satisfies their taste buds and their lust for something that is lavish. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, a hankering for something fruity or the thirst for a tasty beverages, then there’s probably a custom vape juice out there that’ll give you just what you’ve been yearning for.

A choice in nicotine concentration

Smoking does not give the same options when it comes to your nicotine ingestion. Although smokers have the ability to select how strong of a cigarette they want, vapers have better control of their concentration levels. They can select a custom vape juice blend that is strong, 2.4% mg, medium, 1,2% mg, light, 0.3% mg or even a mixture that doesn’t contain any nicotine at all. For smokers who which to vaping as a means to take better control of their health, having the ability to wean themselves down to a more controllable level is one of the most advantageous reasons why people choose to vape.  

Custom vape juice does not contain tobacco

There are so many harmful chemicals, including tobacco, that make up the contents of a combustible cigarette. Many toxic metals and hazardous gases are present within traditional cigarettes and are known for their addictive properties. Needless to say, we aren’t claiming that vaping comes without any risk, but it surely allows people to avoid putting the same harmful, cancer-causing substances into their body day-after-day.

Custom vape juice only contains five basic ingredients including water, flavoring, PG, VG and your preferred choice of nicotine concentration.

Are there any other reasons that you prefer to vape rather than smoke? Tell us in the comments section below.

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