How can you stealthily vape around you judgemental family this holiday season?

stealth vaping

Vaping around the Christmas tree may not be a luxury that every family allows. Whether it’s your parents complaining that you’re spending too much money on your vape gear, your uncle making his opinions known with research that is only based on what he has heard on the news or your grandparents struggling to tolerate an innovative choice in nicotine technology, it’s pretty much inevitable that when all your family gets together under one roof, there will be always a few people that have a problem with your life decisions. That’s why you’ll need to learn to some stealth vaping skills if you’re going to be crammed into a house full of judgmental loved ones. Avoid their disturbing look of disapproval and enjoy your favorite past-time by following these simple stealth vaping tricks.

Practice cloud control

The best way you can hide your vaping lifestyle from your family is to work on your cloud control. Begin by selecting an e-juice that contains a higher PG to VG ratio. PG is the primary component in vape juice and it’s also an ingredient that limits your cloud production. So, instead of worrying about blowing small clouds, select an e-liquid flavor that contains a high PG content label to ensure that your clouds aren’t as thick when you’re exhaling.

Inhale deeper

Although deep inhalation is simply an evolved method of cloud control, it’s also a way to reduce the amount of vapor that you’re exhaling. Try holding the vapor in your lungs for an extra couple seconds to dramatically reduce your cloud production. It’s possible that with this stealth vaping trick that your anti-vape Christmas guests won’t even notice at all.

Try the sleeve blow

Take a quick inhale and instead of billowing your vapor out into the air around you, try blowing the clouds into the sleeve of your sweater. This method will only work if you take small puffs on your e-cig.

Choose decadent aromas

It’s not just clouds that will send signals to your guests that you’re vaping. It’s also the smells that quickly float across the room. So, be aroma smart! Tobacco e-juice will blow your cover. Instead, select a sweet smelling fruit e-juice or a lush dessert e-juice to mask the scent of your sneaky hobby. Your festive guests will probably think that you just finished cleaning or that your diffuser is on to freshen up your living space.

When in doubt, escape

Now, this is a subtle joke but a great suggestion when it comes to avoiding judgmental family members. As a last resort, leave the room and pretend like you need to take your dog out to use the washroom or stealthily sneak out for some fresh air. As long as you have enough guests to converse amongst themselves there’s a chance that nobody will even realize that you left.

Do you have any other tips to help vapers over the holiday season? Comment a suggestion below.

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