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clearance e-juice

Many of our signature flavors fly off our shelves quicker than a Black Friday sale, while others may have only been brought in as a seasonal promotion and have been left in an abundance taking up space in our stockroom. No matter the reason, all of these clearance e-juices are equally as decadent, smooth and aromatic as our regular vape juice selection, only the price has been slashed in half for a quicker sale. We encourage you to save some money and try one of our clearance e-juices and perhaps even find a new favorite seasonal flavor or a unique extract to tantalize your vaping taste buds. Whether you’re looking for sweetness, bitterness, zest or tang, we’re sure to have a clearance e-juice that is infused with an essence of your tasting character.

Root Beer Float vape juice

Customers rave about this malt shop favorite claiming that it tastes exactly the same as the favored beverage only not as cold. Now, if that isn’t a truthful customer review, I don’t know what is! This clearance e-juices offers a wide assortment of flavors — a sweet tinge of vanilla extract, a twang of licorice, notes of sarsaparilla and a luscious molasses flavoring. This nectarous, North American favorite tastes absolutely superb on its own, but when you add a hint of vanilla ice cream to the mix it takes on a whole new level of deliciousness.

Caramel Cappuccino vape juice

This decadent clearance e-juice is the perfect flavor to enjoy while vaping first thing in the morning. For all those for love the taste of caramel and cappuccino mixed, this smooth, creamy beverage flavored vape juice offers the same rich, bold notes of a full-bodied cup of cappuccino, but you can enjoy it anywhere. Perhaps it will even have the power to warm you up the further we dip into winter weather?

Cake Batter vape juice

I don’t think that I know a single person that hasn’t licked their whisk at some point during an afternoon baking session. That’s why this clearance e-juice is so incredibly appealing, because it’s a safer way to consume baked goods and it’s equally as delicious. Avoid the sticky, gooey cleanup that is often associated with baking a cake and indulge a little as if you were dipping your hand into a sweet, luscious bowl of cake batter. Yum!

Which delicious clearance e-juice are you aiming to try to mark the start of a new year? Tell us in the comments section below.  

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