How can you recycle your old e-liquid bottles?

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In every aspect of our lives we’re being encouraged to take a conscious initiative towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Many municipalities are creating more resources for their residents to recycle everyday household items, so that less reusable resources are carelessly thrown into growing landfills. When you make the decision to start vaping, you’re already make a more eco-conscious choice when compared to smoking combustible cigarettes. While traditional cigarette smokers are releasing toxins into the air and littering their butts on the streets and sidewalks, eco-friendly vaping is becoming the more popular nicotine inhalation solution. That being said, did you know that you can also take your eco-conscious side to a whole new level by recycling your e-juice bottles? Let us explain how.

How do you recycle your e-juice bottles?

Recycling your e-juice bottles are very similar to recycling food and beverage containers, however, since the contents can be poisonous to pets and children if it is ingested, it’s important to take a few extra safety steps when doing so.

First you want to make sure that your e-juice bottles are thoroughly cleaned of any remain e-liquid. You can do this by using a paper towel, microfiber cloth or q-tip to wipe any excess liquid out of the bottles. If there is a substantial amount of juice remaining in the bottle, safety absorb it using cat litter, salt or corn starch. Be sure to clean the bottle in hot, soapy water while peeling off and scrub the labeling before placing it in your recycling box.

What are other ways to consider eco-friendly vaping?

While recycling is already an incredibly good method to ensure that you’re doing your due diligence when it comes to being eco-conscious, another great method that encourages eco-friendly vaping is buying in bulk. Instead of purchasing lots of small e-liquid containers, why not consider buying one larger bottle and refilling a single, smaller bottle as your everyday, travel size vape juice? You’ll save money and feel good about saving the environment.

Do you have any other tips for eco-friendly vaping? Tell us in the comments section below.

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