Is it safe to vape around your kids?

vaping safety

Since you want to be a responsible vaper, you should be well aware of your surrounding environment when you choose to take a few puffs from your e-cig. However, does your vaping safety extend as far as to recognize if they’re children around? Although you know and understand how your vaping gear works, a child does not possess the same realm of knowledge when they’re exposed to a device while you’re not around. That’s why it’s important to keep your e-cigarette technology out of the hands of your children by taking these precautionary steps.

What are the risks to your kids?

E-cigarettes do pose some of the same risks of combustible cigarettes when they get into the hands of a child. Here are a few things you can do to vape safely at home.

  • Avoid any secondhand exposure: Currently, there isn’t much research that supports specifically how nicotine exposure from e-cigarettes can affect kids probably because researchers don’t want to willingly put children in harm’s way. However, there is quite a bit of data that already exists to support secondhand exposure to combustible cigarettes and what nicotine can do to harm a child’s health. Kids that are exposed are more likely to develop breathing problems, pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, colds and ear infections. That being said, in order to avoid any potential problems, it’s best to vape outside away from your children.
  • Avoid accidental ingestion: Another danger that exists is improper e-cigarette storage. While the contents of your e-juice may be safe in moderation for adult consumption, ingestion for a child can be far more detrimental. Nicotine, if ingested, can cause extreme nausea, tremors, dizziness, anxiety, confusion, sweating, coughing, rapid breathing, an increased heart rate and higher blood pressure. These outcomes can increase in severity if ingested by a child. That’s why it’s incredibly important to properly store all of your vaping gear. Start by keeping your device locked up and out of reach of your children. Also, be sure that all your charging cables, juices and vaping accessories are also locked away or kept in a different room or storage well out of the reach of any little ones.

What are some other ways you can encourage vaping safety?

While vaping safety at home is important, it’s best to encourage the same level of safety in all aspects of your life. Which is why we want to give you a few extra pointers to help keep your children safe.

  • Don’t vape and drive while your kids are in the car.
  • Make sure that all the adults in your kids’ lives (caregivers, babysitters and teachers) are understanding that they need to vape away from them.
  • Educate your children about the dangers of nicotine ingestion

How else do you practice vaping safety around your children?


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