The perfect e-juices to enjoy on National Pie Day

pie vape juice

Since the mid-1970s, many Americans have participated in the annual celebration that allows you to bake your very own flakey crusts and decadent fruit fillings. That’s right! It’s almost National Pie Day (January 23) and your mouth is probably already drooling thinking of all the sweet and buttery pastry combinations. Needless to say, not everyone has enough room in their tummies or time in their day to pamper the idea of consuming every last portion of their heavenly pie. So, just like you shouldn’t have to settle for a single slice, why should you have to settle for a single pie vape juice?

Pumpkin pie vape juice

Although there are many occasions throughout the year that have claimed pumpkin pie as a decadent dessert staple, this favorite pastry blend is now something that can be enjoyed even when it’s out of season. Our pumpkin pie vape juice blend tastes equally as delicious and creamy as the real deal, with the perfect added combination of cinnamon and nutmeg. Wonderfully spiced and deliciously sweet down to the last drop in your bottle. And if you want the full experience, feel free to squirt some whipped cream in your mouth between each puff!

Apple pie vape juice

There’s no element that embodies American cuisine more than the tart delicacy apple pie. With its sugary, lemony and enticing apple combination, this vape juice mixture tastes as if it were baked until golden brown. Would it be too bias to say that pie doesn’t get any better than this? Well, let’s just go ahead and say that our apple pie vape juice is bursting with delicious apple flavor that’s perfect down to its core.

Banana cream pie vape juice

If you’re a pie lover who prefers a rich custard filling than you’d love our banana cream pie vape juice. A sensational creamy treat for any vaper who doesn’t want to spend the afternoon baking, but wants to show their love for a favored pie mixture. Indulge, over-vape and share this torched meringue favorite with your loved ones this National Pie Day.

Are there any other pie fillings that you wish came in vape juice form? Tell us in the comments section below.


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