You’ll absolutely love these e-licious Valentine’s Day flavors

sweet vape juice

If you have a significant other or someone you secretly admire that you want to celebrate with this February 14, then you’ll need to continue reading for a little love day inspiration. Regardless of whether you’re a person who feels the need to leave a trail of rose petals, cook an amazing homemade meal or plan an evening of sweet caressing and full-body massages, there’s always a desire to want to spoil your special Valentine. Now, if your beloved is also your favorite vaping cuddle buddy, then these decadent sweet vape juice flavors are the perfect vaping vixens that you’ll need to swoon them over this Valentine’s Day.

Fire and ice cinnamon vape juice

Just like the famous, sensual condom, our fire and ice vape juice allow the vaper to experience a pleasurable blend of cinnamon excitement. This delicious flavor coherently balances your taste buds, offering your mouth a little heat with an added hint of a cooling sensation. It’s basically a warm, tingling party in your mouth. That being said, anyone, you choose to share this sweet vape juice with is invited to enjoy this flavorful mix. Not only is this woody spice extremely aromatic and savory, but it’s basically the flavor that embodies Valentine’s Day spirit!

Sex on the beach vape juice

Now, we’re not forcing forth a particular Valentine’s Day agenda when we recommend this fruity cocktail favorite, but we’re implying that this sex on the beach vape juice is as enjoyable as the origin of the drink. Embellishing a tantalizing blend of peach, orange and cranberry, this sweet vape juice concoction is sure to impress your vaping Valentine’s date. Maybe you’re even a talented enough cloud chaser to exhale your vapor into the shape of a heart?

Pirate booty vape juice  

If you want to hit the rum, gather ‘round ye maties and have a few hands on ye booty than perhaps this sweet vape juice will be the perfect shiver me timbers to get your loved one in the mood for a good vape. This pirate booty vape juice is an absolute treasure in terms of heavenly flavor. With some extra fruity flavor, a combined tartness and an added hint of tasty rum, all hands will be on deck this Valentine’s Day! Aye Aye Captain!

Which enticing sweet vape juice flavor will you be enjoying this Valentine’s Day? Tell us in the comments section below.

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