What are 4 of the best things about vaping?

benefits of vaping

Evidently, there always seems to be a lot of discussion over the benefits of vaping compared to conventional smoking. While e-cigs are still a relatively new technology, there’s no denying that many studies continue to show that the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks in terms of health risks. While preventing tobacco-related diseases may be a common factor as to how this landmark invention skyrocketed in popularity among former smokers, there are many other advantageous reasons to get on board with this fascinating nicotine replacement therapy.

You can save money

Surprisingly enough, e-cigarettes are far more cost-effective than traditional cigarettes. It’s no secret that smoking is an expensive habit and depending on where you live the average pack of cigarettes can cost anywhere from $6 to $13. So, for heavy smokers, it’s possible to spend around $5,000 a year. Not to mention, each state also tacks on an additional fee in the way of a cigarette tax in order to deter people from purchasing cigarettes and starting on the road to healthier habits.

That’s why e-cigarettes are so incredibly desirable. While a starter kit can range anywhere from $45 to $100 upfront depending on the type and quality you want in the long-run these devices are a cheaper form of nicotine delivery. Especially since the decadent eLiquids are so affordable to replace once emptied.

There are more flavor varieties

Smokers become accustomed to the same boring tobacco and menthol flavors, while vapers possess an endless array of mouth-watering choices. If you enjoy a daring composition of fruit, a lush dessert blend and candy-coated combination or an alluring scent of a distinctive beverage, then as a vaper you’re able to satisfy these heavenly cravings, while also satisfying your own nicotine concentration level.

If you find yourself missing the scent of traditional cigarettes, there are numerous enticing tobacco and piquant menthol e-juice flavors that you try as well.         

E-Juices offer varied nicotine concentration levels

One of the most incredible benefits of vaping is the ability to control the amount of nicotine you’re ingesting. Where most cigarettes left you exposed to high nicotine levels — varying by the brand — e-cigarettes allow you to choose your mg per mL. Once you match your e-juice to the appropriate nicotine strength, you’re able to slowly focus on weaning yourself to a more manageable nicotine level. Once you step down far enough, you may no longer crave nicotine at all, but you’re still able to vape to satisfy other dependencies like the feeling of holding your device or the taste of a particular flavor.

Vaping is better for your health

While there are still many ongoing studies diving into the long-term side effects of vaping, so far many supports the idea that vaping is less harmful than smoking. The benefits of vaping in regards to your health are astoundingly increasing every day. E-cigarettes are freeing your body from the high-risk exposure to tobacco-related diseases — including lung damage, breathing problems, headaches, dizziness, bad teeth, gum disease, high blood pressure, cardiovascular issues and the flow of oxygen and blood to your muscles. Not to mention you will smell better, possess cleaner, healthier teeth and your skin will have a livelier glow when you remove the potency of tobacco from your daily routine.

Are there any other vigorous benefits of vaping that you can think of? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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