Your guide to the ABC’s of vaping

vaping terminology

Even the most experienced cloud chaser may not be familiar with all the vaping terminology that exists within the subculture. While there are many words that you need to know in order to begin vaping, there are also many that you will naturalize yourself with as you become more enlightened with your device. So, regardless of whether you vape as a means to combat your nicotine dependency or because you simply enjoy the experience, we’d like to share this vaping terminology with you so that you’re able to better acquaint yourself with the industry.

The A’s of vaping:

  • Analog: This is the word that vapers use to describe a combustible cigarette.
  • APV: Also known as an advanced personal vaporizer, APV is a loose term that is used to describe anything other than a mini or eGo battery (both variable volt/watt and mechanical devices).
  • Atomizer: The atomizer is the part of the electronic cigarette that produces heat. When the power source is applied, the atomizer heats the e-juice which generates the vapor. It’s usually made from a metal wire wrapped around a core.
  • Automatic Devices or Batteries: This phrase refers to how devices or batteries will activate a heating element automatically when a puff is taken from the e-cig. So, essentially you don’t have to rely on a button to activate your heating element if you possess automatic vaping equipment.

The B’s of vaping:

  • Battery: Like with any other electronics, the battery is the power source for your device. Most batteries are removable and require an external charge in order to provide power to the heating element of the device.
  • Bridge: There is a “U” or “V” shaped covering over the heating coil of some atomizers. The bridge piece is usually a metal covered by an absorbent material that’s designed to wick e-juice from a cartridge filler in your heating element.

The C’s of vaping:

  • Cartomizer: This part of your vaping terminology is probably one of the first things you learned. The cartomizer combines the heating element and juice delivery system into a single unit. It’s the holder of the e-juice and once finished, is commonly a recyclable accessory.
  • Cartridge: This element is what holds the e-juice. It sits atop the atomizer and directs the liquid into it.
  • Coil: This is the element of your device that gets hot. It’s generally made out of nichrome or kanthal and is wrapped around some kind of wick. Then the current flows through it, producing heat which vaporizes your e-juice.

Did we miss any vaping terminology that starts with A, B or C? Tell us in the comments section below.

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