Celebrate National Pancake Day with these unique flavors

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Regardless of whether you enjoy a mountain of buttery hot cakes, some sweetened flapjacks with honey and fruit, a stack of flavored crepes smothered in spices or drowning all of the above in rich, sugary maple syrup, there’s always a reason to relish in the delight of some fluffy, flattened pancakes. But, although this decadent breakfast staple is a defining part of North American’s breakfast routine, it can quickly turn into a hefty dessert-based meal with a timely mess to clean up from. That’s why you should try celebrating National Pancake Day (March 12) this year with a sweet vape juice instead.

Maple syrup vape juice

If you’re craving the ultimate sweetened temptation, instead of tapping maple trees, how about tapping into our delicious maple syrup vape juice? Offering you the same delightful maple flavor without any intensely high sugar content, this decadent sweet vape juice combines the fresh aromatic appeal of Canadian maple syrup with a hint of ambrosial honey. It’s the perfect vape treat to pair with alongside your morning coffee. All the flavor, conveniently packed into one on-the-go sized bottle, with none of the sticky cleanups. It’s about time you satisfy your morning cravings with a sweet vape juice you’ll flipping love!

Peanut butter and banana vape juice

Now, not every pancake lover enjoys a concentrated sugary topping. In fact, some people tend to tickle the savory side of their taste buds with something a little more comforting, like peanut butter and banana vape juice. So, if you are enticed by a nutty blend of peanuts thoroughly mixed with the angelic aromas of a ripened banana, then this sweet vape juice might just be your calling. In actuality, it’s a heavenly recipe that’s evolved from one of our regular customer’s suggestions. Needless to say, we truly believe in terms of pancake toppings, nothing stacks up to this one.

That being said, if pancakes aren’t your breakfast element, you can always try their sweet vape juice counterpart, the waffle, with an array of delicious topping options. After all, life is butter with waffle vape juice!

Which one of the above sweet vape juice treats will you be testing out for National Pancake Day? Tell us in the comments section below.

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