Are you a dripper, squonker or cloud chaser?

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When you’re open to experiencing the various vaping techniques and styles that are available, you’re able to define yourself as a vaper and find your ideal methods of inhalation. So, regardless of whether you’re moderately experienced in the world of e-cigs or you’re simply wanting to test the waters to see what’s available, the following approaches to the well-mannered lifestyle combine a mixture of your performance ability, routine skill, technological mindset and the ultimate know-how of vaping.

What is dripping?

Dripping is a connoisseur vaping technique that allows you to fully appreciate the way that vapor tastes and feels. So, if you enjoy experimentation with your vaping equipment as much as the act of vaping itself, then this trend may be something that you want to explore.

That being said, if you want to be a dripper, you must start by “dripping” a couple of drops of your chosen e-liquid directly into the atomizer coil of your device. The organic cotton is then pulled through the heating element until it’s fully saturated by the wick. Following this, you must then immediately inhale the vapor that’s produced through a drip tip that’s easily attached to your e-cig mouthpiece. Essentially the e-liquid reservoir is heated by the coils within the atomizer which rapidly produce inhalable vapor.

Ultimately, dripping gives vapers the most control and best results from their personal vaping system. Plus, once they get the hang of this vaping technique, they’re able to continue with many ongoing device modifications.

What is squonking?

This innovative vaping technique has revolutionized the industry for experienced vapers. While it’s still considered to be relatively contemporary, ingenious and original, squonking is a step forward for drippers everywhere. While dripper is vastly superior when compared to your run-of-the-mill vaping, it’s inconvenient and time-consuming when you’re on-the-go. Squonking addresses these issues and provides a more intuitive vaping experience.

In order to try this vape method, you must first customize your device so that your e-liquid is fed upwards through the MOD directly into your rebuildable atomizer (RDA). Squonking is relatively similar to dropping, but what differs between the two is that squonk MODs rely on an internal e-juice reservoir that can store various e-juice quantities. Keep in mind, that squonking requires the purchase of a brand-new MOD and also demands an RDA with a feeding hole drilled into the center post for the e-liquid to pass through. The best part about this vaping technique is that its state-of-the-art design allows you to never worry about carrying juice with you wherever you go.

What is cloud chasing?

While dripping and squonking are vaping techniques that require vast modifications to your device, cloud chasing is a vaping technique that requires a modification to how you’re inhaling and exhaling your vapor.

Cloud chasing is when you actively blow large clouds of vapor using your e-cig. Having evolved naturally from vaping cultural, this method is actually considered to be a sport in the vaping community. Yet, in order to achieve large, lush clouds, a vaper should use an e-liquid with a higher vegetable glycerin (VG) concentration. You can also slightly modify your device to use an atomizer coil that has a resistance of less than one ohm sub-ohm vaping increases the power output of the fixed voltage settings, which in turn gives the vaper the ability to exhale powerful clouds.

Have you tried any of the above vaping techniques? Share your experiences with our readers in the comments section below.

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