Celebrate St. Patricks Day with these charming e-liquids

menthol e-juice

If you’re a vaper who enjoys reminiscing about all the delicious flavors of St. Patrick’s Day you probably imagine the vibrant smells and colorful combinations of menthol e-juice clouds filling the air. Needless to say, at zeusejuice.com, we believe that there are many other celebratory, signature aromas that the Irish would approve of. So, instead of raising a glass of green beer on March 17, raise your e-cig and relish in a few of our lucky flavors.

Magically delicious vape juice

If you possess fond childhood memories of eating Lucky Charms cereal, then you would most likely adore this magically delicious vape juice blend. This charming flavor combines an array of sweet-tasting cereals into one wondrously, delectable mixture. So, hold onto your green party hat, it’s about to get distinctively fruity in the air. All that’s left to do is close your eyes and imagine the crunch.

Irish cream vape juice

St. Patrick’s Day has a way of enticing us to indulge in the rich taste of Irish cream. After all, who doesn’t enjoy the smooth flavor in their coffee or poured over ice? That’s why we crafted this signature, creamy liqueur flavor. Blending the aromas or Irish whiskey, cream and a chocolaty fusion, we were able to create a vape juice that you’re able to enjoy while you’re out on-the-go. This Irish cream vape juice is essentially the four-leaf clover of vaping delicacies.

Grasshopper vape juice

If you followed the tip of a rainbow in the perusal of a pot of gold, within that pot you’d also find this grasshopper vape juice blend. A cool, minty extract that has the power to fulfill your St. Patrick’s Day cocktail craving, this crème de menthe flavored mixture will make all your drinking buddies green with envy. But, don’t worry! No grasshoppers were hurt in the making of this menthol e-juice.

Which vape juice combination will you be vaping this St. Patrick’s Day? Tell us in the comments section below.

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