Have you tried these two HOT beverage e-juices?

 beverage vape juice

Even though we tend to associate spring weather with warm air and temperate rain showers, there still lies some chilly mornings and crisp evenings during the month of April. So, instead of intensely waiting on the summer sun to warm you up from dusk to dawn, how about trying a popular beverage vape juice that was inspired by some of our favorite liquid refreshments? After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good brew without the need for the extra rush of caffeine?

Hazelnut coffee vape juice

If you’re the type of person who enjoys the lush aromas of freshly brewed coffee but is often left wide awake in bed if you indulge in a cup later in the later hours of the day, perhaps a hazelnut coffee vape juice would be the best-suited flavor to help satisfy your coffee itch? This coffee-inspired blend has been infused with the sweet, buttery texture of fresh hazelnuts to create a truly enticing mixture designed to puff at any time of your day. That means that you’re able to enjoy a few deep inhales of this distinctive beverage vape juice before you go counting sheep without experiencing the alertness of caffeine. An e-juice flavor like no other, it’s perfect for vapers who possesses an exquisite sweet tooth.  

Peppermint mocha vape juice

While there are vapers who relish in the idea of a single, distinct, aromatic flavor, there are also those who prefer a more unique mixture of their favorite intoxicating ingredients. That’s probably one of the reasons that this signature peppermint mocha vape juice is so incredibly crowd-pleasing. As a decadent combination of cool mint, luscious chocolate notes, a bitter essence of rich coffee and just a hint of added sweetness, this e-juice offers the perfect balance of piquant, guilt-free aromas. The best part is that you don’t have to wait for any festive seasons to arrive. Simply vape this tasty treat to your heart’s content whenever you’re feeling to need to relish in its nectarous flavors.

What’s your favorite beverage vape juice of all time? Share with our readers in the comments section below.


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