Bring on the heat with these boozy flavored e-juices

cocktail e-juice

Whether you’re set on attending a trendy Cinco de Mayo party or you’re all about binge-watching the Star Wars franchise on May 4th, there’s no denying that this weekend could pan out to be a frenzy of excitement. So, with all the buzz and commotion going on you’ll probably want to get your hands on a cocktail e-juice so that you will be intoxicated with a sense of vitality rather than being dangerously tipsy. Thus, here are a few of our favorite flavors that are perfect supplements for those who have reached their boozy limits.

Piña Colada vape juice

The gentle warmth of a rum-infused treat is within your reach when you add our delicious Piña Colada vape juice to your online cart. This classic beach-inspired beverage has been packed so perfectly into a bottle that you’ll have the freedom to vape it conveniently whenever you’re in need of an exotic escape. With a hint of sour pineapple blended together with sweet rum and a coconut kick, this ambrosial cocktail e-juice is an impeccable substitute for the real thing. Just close your eyes and you might even hear the waves crashing out in the distance.

Flamingo vape juice

This customer favorite is a refreshing way to kick off your party weekend. After all, it acts as an equitable contestant to the classic cocktail combination — a whole lot of rum, lime juice and delicious grapefruit soda. However, our Flamingo vape juice also contains lush, fruity strawberries, a sweet tang of peach and an added hint of yummy coconut. It’s the perfect heavenly treat that won’t contribute to your morning after hangover, not to mention its fragrant aromas will have your party mates envious…unless you decide to share of course!

Sex on the Beach vape juice

Now, not everyone is a huge fan of the overwhelming sweetness that comes with rum-infused cocktails which is why we’ve got another alluring favorite that might entice your taste buds. Could you maybe go for some sex on the beach vape juice instead? This tantalizing combination of peach, cranberry and orange is a luscious alternative to the classic cocktail. So, if your next tropical getaway in nowhere in sight and you’re craving a decadent juice to add to the hype of your celebratory weekend, you absolutely must try this delicious combination. Just bring the vodka!

Which cocktail e-juice will you be adding to your must-try list? Tell us in the comments section below.  

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