Why does my e-juice taste burnt?

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As you can imagine, many people enjoying vaping due to the decadent selection of delicious tasting e-juice sample packs that they have to choose from. Now, when instead of sweet, intoxicating flavors you’re hit with a discerning, burnt aroma, it can easily ruin your overall vaping experience. While this complication can happen to anyone, it’s important to know how you can effortlessly fix the problem. That’s why we’ve created this step-by-step guide to help you mend this unpleasant encounter with your device.

Why does it happen?

The reason that your e-liquid tastes burnt when you vape is simply because the wick inside of your atomizer soil has dried out from the reoccurrence of being heated. The wick is the part of the device that holds onto the e-liquid within the tank before the coil heats it into an inhalable vapor. So, if the wick is not fully saturated before you take a puff, the material has the ability to char and therefore, leave you with a burnt taste in your mouth. This is otherwise known to vapers as a dry hit.

What is the lifespan of your coil?

Just like anything, the wear and tear of continuous usage will require you to replace your coil after some time. This is heavily dependent on how often it’s used and the quality of the device, however, you can expect to swap your coil every two to three weeks on average.

What causes a coil to burn out?

The two main reasons that your coil will burn out are due to chain vaping and the lack of coil priming.

Chain vaping: When you’re constantly puffing your e-cig and not leaving any time in between your inhalations, this is called chain vaping. Disallowing the coil to take 15 to 20 seconds to cool in between puffs can be damaging, especially since the wick has not had enough time to properly soak up the e-liquid.

Coil priming: New coils will taste burnt when they’re replaced because they haven’t been primed prior to inhalation. In order to prime your coil, simply start by getting the wick saturated with your e-juice sample pack before placing it into your e-cig tank. This is comparable to an oil change in your vehicle. You wouldn’t start your vehicle without first making sure that there’s some oil is in your filter, would you?

Are there any other factors?

While the above reasons account for many of the problems associated with burnt flavors, there are still other reasons that your e-liquid sample packs may have a gross aftertaste.

  • High power vaping: If you vape above the recommended temperature on your device, it’s possible that you will burn out your coils.
  • Low e-juice levels: When your tank is almost empty, your wick will not be saturated enough and may dispel a charred flavor.
  • Your choice of e-juice: E-liquids with high VG levels may have the ability to gunk up your coils, as they usually have more sugar contents.

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