How do you pair the right vape juice with your craft beer?

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While there’s always a good reason to crack open some suds, the month of May is a rather enticing time for people to start enjoying late spring temperatures. That means if you’re out on the patio sipping away at some seasonal brew concoctions, you may perhaps be interested to learn which of your favorite e-liquid sample packs have the ability to compliment your cold one. After all, there’s nothing more intoxicating than the perfect flavor pairing.

Tobacco vape juices and crisp ales

When it comes to finding a splendid match to vape alongside your favorite bitter ales, nothing pairs better than the robust taste of a tobacco e-liquid sample pack. Since ales are brewed from malt barley, they tend to have a more toasted, tartness than a light brew. They are also often described as a bit heavier and come in varieties such as pale, brown and cream ales. That being said, tobacco vape juices possess an enriching full-bodied flavor that has the potential to compliment pretty much all the ales you can find on tap. For example, our 555 e-juice has a lush, nutty aroma that would flatter a savory brown ale while our Cowboy Blend e-juice would honor the decadent flavor of a deep cream ale.

Fruit vape juices and sugary weissbiers

Weissbier, particularly hefeweizens, is a popular Bavarian-style brew that is renowned for its delicious sweetness. So, why not pair your lush, malted barley beer with an enticingly sweet, fruit vape juice blend? Popular fruit-inspired flavors such as our Mandarin Orange vape juice, Pineapple vape juice and Raspberry vape juice would make the perfect partners alongside your delicious weissbier. Did you ever notice how draft hefeweizens are usually always served with some citrus fruit? Now, that’s a tasty duet!

Are there any other e-liquid sample pack blends that would complement a tasty brew? Drop a comment below to share with our readers!

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