Celebrate World No-Tobacco Day with these fantastic mixtures

 e-liquid sample pack

The 31st day of May has been dubbed World No Tobacco Day, which was implemented as a way to stub out all forms of tobacco consumption for a 24-hour period. With a primary focus on combustible cigarettes and their connection with lung health, the annual event has grown into an awareness campaign over the past 30 years, drawing attention to various health problems that develop from smoking tobacco. That being said, we want to encourage you to make every day No Tobacco Day with your very own delicious assortment of e-liquid sample packs.

555 vape juice

What better way is there to honor being tobacco-free than vaping a delicious tobacco-inspired vape juice? This 555 signature e-juice is the perfect mixture for ex-smokers who miss the robust flavors of their conventional cigarettes. It’s a full-bodied, tasty treat that has rich, nutty nodes, a diverse tobacco aroma and a hint of spice for some added enjoyment. So, give your savory taste buds something to dream about, because, with an e-liquid sample pack this good, you won’t crave the real stuff!

Moose juice vape juice

With an endless list of deadly, tobacco-related side effects, it shouldn’t be hard to convince you to make a change. But if you’re struggling to overcome your cravings it may be beneficial to test out an e-liquid sample pack that offers a completely different experience. The moose juice vape juice is a meticulous concoction of raspberry and blackberry, topped off with a creamy, refreshing finish. You can vape it by itself or use it to pep up another mixture. What a killer way to crush old habits!  

Co-Key Berry vape juice

Every once and a while there is a specialty flavor that has the ability to mimic a similar hankering feeling as you once had for your pack of cigarettes, and that’s the Co-Key Berry vape juice. Replace your yearning for conventional smokes with a lust for something far more pleasurable. Co-Key Berry is a signature mix of key-lime mellowed by a comforting combination of coconut, strawberry and raspberry. It’s refreshingly well-flavored and unique piquant allowing you to give tobacco a kick to the curb and replace it with a kick of this yummy extract!

Which e-liquid flavor pack will you be vaping on World No Tobacco Day? Tell us in the comments section below.

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