Celebrate your dad with these 3 delicious e-juices

tobacco e-juice sample pack

Father’s Day is the perfect time of year to proclaim your love to all the caring men in your life. But how do you go about surprising someone who’s known for giving everything and expecting nothing in return? While there are probably a million ways that you could celebrate the selflessness of your dad on June 16, the best way to commemorate his role as a loving father is to gift him something that’s personalized and thoughtful. So, regardless of whether your pops is an avid vaper or a recent ex-smoker, rather than spend the day inquisitively searching, let us help you dazzle him with a well thought-out, mindful present to capture his love of e-cigs.

COWBOY Blend vape juice

Your dad doesn’t need to be a fan of the wild west, but we’re confident that he would walk ten paces and draw to get his hands on this vigorous tobacco e-juice sample pack. With smooth, rich tobacco to electrify his taste buds in every puff, your dad will be happy that your gift this year drifted away from the tradition of comedic socks and bold bow ties. What better way is there to celebrate your dad, and his taste buds, then indulging in the boldness of our COWBOY blend vape juice? The answer is pretty simple.

57 Chevy vape juice

Although you care for your old man, chances are that you don’t have the power or the knowledge to gift wrap the hot rod of his dreams. So, why not present him with a Chevy that can actually tap into his other inner-most desires? Our signature 57 Chevy blend is the perfect e-liquid combination of mixed oranges and pineapples, adding a hint of decadent rum and a fresh touch of Koolada, this brisk, almost perfect vape combination will have your pops feeling refreshed while he tackles his plan to get his hands on an old-fashion dragster.

Rum Maple Tobacco vape juice

Arrrr… why is the rum maple tobacco vape juice always gone? Well, that’s probably because this signature favorite is one of the golden flavors of our inventory. It’ll be hard for dad to resist the plethoric combination of dark, spiced rum, the nodes of caramel, toffee maple and the rich, robustness of his favorite tobacco blend. We’re confident that your old man will testify by saying, “looks like we really laid the hammer down on the nail with this tobacco e-juice sample pack!” All dad jokes aside, it’s truly a rigorous flavor combination that is worth gift wrapping for his special day.

Which tobacco e-juice flavor pack will your dad be receiving this Father’s Day? Drop a comment below to share your thoughts.


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