Why your vaping device is crackling and how to fix it

While there’s an assortment of high-quality vape devices available on the market, even some of the most intuitive technologies have the ability to produce a few lemons. That’s why if you were one of the unlucky vapers who happened to stumble upon a faulty device that pops and crackles, before panicking and dismantling your e-cig, we want to encourage you to try troubleshooting the problem.

How should your device operate?

When you inhale through your device’s mouthpiece it’s very common to hear a faint resonance of sound through the inhalation of air and vapor. However, your e-cig should not be crackling, hissing or popping. So, what causes this?

Well, it has a lot to do with the inner mechanics of turning an e-juice sample pack into lush, delicious vapor. Most devices are relatively similar the e-liquid is dripped or channeled onto a cotton wick, which brings it to the coil that way when the vaper presses the button, electricity from the device battery will flow through the coil and with resistance from the coil wire, produce heat. Then the e-liquid will increase in temperature and turn into vapor. So, what’s the root of these weird noises?

What causes this reaction?

While different devices yield a variety of sound levels, if you’re the one vaping with it, you should be able to tell when something weird is happening. But what are some elements to consider?

  • Be wary of how long you’re pressing the button for. While your device probably requires a certain amount of pressure to get the vapor flowing, the longer it’s pressed, the more you’re heating up the e-juice sample pack, which in turn has a higher potential to burn out your wick. A burnt wick can cause the device to make some strange noises.
  • Are you using a sub-Ohm coil? It’s very common for e-juice to build-up when you vape with this type of oil. The gathering of liquid can cause a pop or crackle when the heat reaches the wick and some of it will not be turned to vapor.

How do you fix the problem?

Here are some of our personal suggestions:

  • Replace your device’s wick or coil.
  • Check your wattage or voltage. It’s possible that your e-cig just needs more heat.
  • Choose an e-juice sample pack with higher VG levels.
  • Consider the way you’re vaping.
  • If all else fails, try out a different tank or atomizer.

Do you know any other ways to troubleshoot this e-cig problem? Drop a comment below to share your thoughts.

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