Singapore Has Banned Vaping

singapore vaping banE-cigarettes have officially been banned in Singapore. The Singapore vaping ban, which came into effect in February, is a more draconian measure than the Singapore’s previous e-cigarette regulations. Before this outright prohibition on vaping was ratified as law by the government in November, the rules on the books stated that e-cigarette use in private was […]

The Orlando Vapor Show

Orlando Vapor ShowThe Orlando Vapor Show is coming to town from December 7th to the 9th. Are you ready for it? Last year’s show was a rousing affair that still has people talking. We’re thrilled to announce that this year, Zeus E-Juice will have a table at the show. We’ll have many delectable samples for visitors to […]

Thailand Vape Ban

Thailand Vape BanA Thai ban on vaping, introduced in 2014, has recently been making the headlines around the globe, warning travelers planning a visit to the Land of Smiles to make sure to leave their electronic cigarettes behind. Despite the fact that the nation has been under military rule since 2014 following months of political turmoil, in […]