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Banana Nut Bread - eLiquid Flavor

Banana Nut Bread - eLiquid Flavor


Excellent ejuice!!
Honestly, I hated this juice at first. I thought either my coil burned out or that I got a bad batch because I was getting a soapy, chemical, burnt taste. I couldn't understand all the great reviews on the site. All 4 flavors I ordered had the same chemically taste and I was worried that I got a bad batch. MAN WAS I WRONG!!! I didn't realize I needed to let the juice STEEP first. It's been a few weeks and now I'M LOVING THE FLAVOR!!!! Letting the juice "mature" made all the difference in the world! I'm sorry I ever doubted Zeus Ejuice - I will be back for more!

Deliciously sweet
Robust, spot-on flavor
Complex flavors really came alive once I let it steep (I started to notice hints of cream, coconut, and citrus which was pleasantly suprising)
Really like the fine tip squeeze bottles mine came in
I like that I can custom tailor my PG/VG ratios
Zeus marks the date the juce was "born" on the bottle - nice touch.

I had to steep my batch (not Zeus' fault - I didn't know)
May be too sweet for some palates
If you're impatient like me - waiting for the juice to steep is no fun.
Date Added: 04/19/2016 By Chris Quinn
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