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Root Beer Float - eLiquid Flavor

Overall rating: Star Rating 5/5
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  • By David M. on September 26, 2012
    Remember sitting at the corner drug store counter having a root beer float? Well, neither do I, BUT, if I had to imagine it, this is what it would taste like. A great creamy true root beer flavor and a bit more than a hint of vanilla ice cream- it's AWESOME.. Definately on my re order list!
  • By Tammy S. on October 17, 2012
    A definite must try for anyone who loves rootbeer & vanilla ice cream, I LOVE the way the 2 flavors stand out from eachother in this mix!
  • By Andra B. on January 01, 2013
    Ordered this as kind of an afterthought on my first order. Holy wow! I've gone through almost the entire 30ml already. Gonna order a BIG bottle next time. Scrumptious!!!
  • By patrick j. on January 02, 2013
    so root beer float...... holy cow batman , can you saw taste buds went for a ride with this juice. one of my top 5 favs!!!! amazing flavor root beer float 100% every vamp! amazing! a must!!
  • By Todd M. on January 06, 2013
    I can honestly say that this one is perfect. I mean seriously perfect. I love Root Beer floats so much and this mixture is just excellent. I promise you that this is the best mixture you will find.
  • By chandra f. on January 15, 2013
    Great Flavor and Great Vapor. This rivals my coconut candy. It gives you the root beer bite inhale and creamy ice cream exhale. Blended perfectly. Thanks again
  • By Todd M. on January 16, 2013
    This one is excellent. The tastes blend very well together although I would have liked just a little more Root Beer flavor in it. Even so it's delicious.
  • By Gary R. on February 07, 2013
    Really nice vape. Produces clouds of sweet root beer smell and taste. Not too sweet, just right. This is a juice that I could vape all day long. Worth a try!
  • By Marion A. on March 23, 2013
    WOW! This tasted like a REAL Root Berr Float, even down to the bubbles.
  • By Jamie D. on April 18, 2013
    This is very good it has great flavor. Another great one from Zeus.
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