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Tracking Updates from USPS
Once the package leaves our facility it is no longer in our control. The chosen carrier, USPS, provides the estimated delivery time, the tracking # and the tracking updates.  Unfortunately, we have the same amount of information as you, in regards to the location of your package during transit. If you ever have questions in regards to your package during transit please feel free to contact the USPS customer care center: 1-800-344-7779

Once the package goes into the USPS system, it is in their hands. We can only look up the delivery tracking # provided by USPS on their website. (www.usps.com)  The USPS provides the delivery tracking number and we forward the information onto you. The USPS does not update on a consistent basis, as they should during transit. Unfortunately, your package may LOOK like it is sitting, when it is actually in transit to you.