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  • Tiger's Blood - eLiquid Flavor By Ashley N.. on July 30, 2018
    Party on your taste buds
    This is the best flavor I've tried so far, from ALL juices I've ever purchased from any company. It has an explosion of sweetness that coats your entire mouth, and I cannot get enough of it. I mix a little of their pineapple juice with it when I want it even sweeter.

    Also, I want to commend the company for its customer service. My order was recently mixed up with someone else's, so I called to let them know. It was quick and easy, they shipped out my original order the same day with priority shipping at no expense to me. The guy I talked to was apologetic, considerate, and professional. This just adds to my long list of reasons why this is the only company I purchase my juices from.
  • Zeus E-Fruit - eLiquid Flavor By chris p.. on July 28, 2018
    Rock On!
    I've been vaping with nothing but strictly Zeus-E-Fruit for a long time now. It continues to remain my all day vape and the only thing I vape. Throughout all the time I've been vaping it Zeus has sent me consistent juice every time. That's what is priceless you know? The fact that you know you are going to get that same amazing tasting product every time you order it. 75% VG gives me wicked clouds for sub-ohm super high wattage vaping. Zeus has great customer service and have treated me like family. I know what I'm getting is top quality and I know where it comes from. It's put together by MY customized specifications. I could Never buy a mass produced product ever after vaping with Zeus for years. Everyone nearby is enthralled by the smell of fruity wafts and asks me how I am vaping juicy fruit gum? I send them to the website every time.
    If you love fruity flavored vape try this and Medusa Juice and you'll be in heaven!
  • Green Apple - eLiquid Flavor By Elisha W.. on July 20, 2018
    Wonderful BUT...
    I have only been using Zeuse juice for about two months but I’ve tried about ten flavors and this is my favorite. Before zeuse I used the same company for about 5 years and they don’t have a lot of flavors to choose from so my tastebuds were getting burned out. With their juice my mini tank would last all day. With the zeuse juice I have to fill it like 4-5 times in one day and this is why I took a star off. I love the flavor but it’s really aggravating when every time I turn around I have to refill my tank. Not only is it aggravating it becomes expensive. This juice cost the same as the other brand I used but their juice would last me about two months. I’m assuming it’s all because the zeuse juice is a lot thinner. I’m using the same pg/vg ratio so I know that’s not the reason. So unfortunately I will probably be trying to find another brand that will also have good flavors but will last more than two hours in my mini tank. By the way my tank is a little more than 0.9 ml.
  • Magically Delicious - eLiquid Flavor By Kathryn S.. on July 18, 2018
    Love It!
    This juice is definitely 1 of my favorites! I have a huge sweet tooth & often eat L.C. cereal to feed my need lol! Vaping this juice does the trick to help keep me
  • Pineapple - eLiquid Flavor By david c.. on June 25, 2018
    Every zeus juice product is quality! VERY VERY VERY FLAVORFUL
  • Bubble Gum - eLiquid Flavor By Sheryll C.. on June 23, 2018
    First time ordering this and I loved it! Tastes exactly like original bubble gum! Ordered second time, but it didn't taste the same; tasted more like orange. I contacted Zeus and as usual, they made it right! They sent me another bottle and it was perfect! Zeus will always take care of the customer!
  • Dionysus' Aphrodisiac - eLiquid Flavor By Taylor L.. on June 22, 2018
    My favorite BY FAR! Can't get enough. Recommend this flavor to everyone I meet.
  • Apple Tobacco - eLiquid Flavor By Tommy G.. on June 20, 2018
    Nice Apple flavor
    This has been in my rotation for several years, I trade off between the Apple and 555, can't go wrong!
  • 555 - eLiquid Flavor By Tommy G.. on June 20, 2018
    Best 555
    My all day vape for several years now, can't find anything else even close. Good job!
  • Wintergreen - eLiquid Flavor By Taylor R.. on June 19, 2018
    Mint pepto-bismol. Not good. But I have to have 50 words so, ordering from Zeus is always great but sometimes the flavors you get aren't so great. This is one of them.
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