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  • By Natasha Coles. on March 04, 2014 WOW.WOW.WOW.
    Zeus has THE BEST juice I have EVER tasted & OUTSTANDING customer service!

    I was unhappy with 2 flavours from my 1st order, RIGHT AWAY they remade my str.cotton candy & tested it before shipping (im guessing they also added extra flavour judging by the change in colour)I was pleasantly surprised upon receiving my remake order. Not only did they send me a new 12ml str.cotton candy but ALSO a vnl.cotton candy! (i guess in case i still wasnt happy?) ON TOP of that they sent me a 30ml of zeus! (i told them it instantly became my EVERYday ALLday vape)So even if i STILL wasnt happy with the cotton candy flavs they MADE SURE i would still be satisfied. I really cant say enough great things about them! I have tried many other brands but NOTHING compares to ZEUS. They have OUTSTANDING customer service, AMAZING juice & SO MANY flavours. They have GREAT prices & cheap shipping. EVEN shipping all the way to BC i get my orders in 10-14 days, WELL WORTH the wait. Zeus juice is GREAT straight from the mailbox! & even GREATER after steeping! They personalize each bottle with your name and date juice was created (making it easy not having to remember how long it has been steeping)I recommend them to ALL vapers! You will NOT be disappointed & they will make SURE of that.
    I LOVE YOU ZEUS! I will never order from ANYWHERE else again.
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