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  • By J Cole. on March 12, 2014 It'll Be Hard to Say Goodbye...
    Until about two weeks ago, I was smoking two packs of red 100's per day. There have been nights where I woke up coughing so hard that I would lose hours of sleep. Even though I knew the damage I was doing to myself, I couldn't quit! Three weeks ago, my younger sister convinced me to give vaping a try. She had some crazy contraption hanging from her neck and held it out to me. I gave it a very novice attempt and wound up coughing my head off. I shook my head and handed it back. Not willing to let me give in so easily, she then coached me on the proper way to vape. I tried again and only coughed a little. It wasn't terrible, but I couldn't stand the taste of the liquid she had. I told her outright that the flavor was awful. She said she had gotten it from a local shop where she had mixed the flavors herself. Then she showed me and started going through all the suggestions she could think of. Using her knowledge of my sweet tooth, named off flavors like "Butter Rum Savers" and "Waffles". She had my attention. After some thought, I ordered an e-cigarette and some flavors. The flavors are exquisite and have eliminated my desire for a conventional smoke. There is no comparison to the quality of the product and the amazing customer service. Even received two free samples with my last order, even after forgetting to order one. Since I plan on reducing the nicotine level down to zero and quitting all together, I must admit that it'll be hard to say goodbye...
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