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  • By Don Claxton. on August 02, 2015 ZeusEJuice is the BEST eLiquid EVER!
    Everything about ZeusEJuice is amazing... from the flavors to the customer service, this company should be given a Medal of Awesomeness!
    I've tried several... SEVERAL... different flavors from several different companies and I have to say that ZeusEJuice makes everything else look horrible by comparison. My wife and I stay continuously stocked with Zeus Juice (for my wife) and Dionysus Aphrodisiac (for myself) and we simply can not live without it.
    I do not have a single negative thing to say about ZeusEJuice. Their Customer Support Center is bar none the best in the business, and they live by their customers satisfaction. I was once accidentally sent a wrong ratio of pg to vg and they sent me a whole new bottle! I even told them it was my fault that the blend was messed up, but they wanted me to be 100% satisfied, and boy did they satisfy!
    I will ALWAYS recommend ZeusEJuice to my friends, family, co-workers, and anyone who vapes. In my Facebook group Ploom Squad we PRAISE ZeusEJuice as the best on earth and we aren't going to stop anytime soon! They have been amazing to Ploom Squad as well as to my family and I, and they will always have a customer and as many referrals as I can dish out from me!
    Feel free to join us in Ploom Squad and you might even win some ZeusEJuice every now and then! :D

    If it ain't Zeus... it ain't Juice!

    Don Claxton
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