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  • By Emily Bryant. on November 13, 2013 Can't imagine anything better
    I am a fairly new vaper (only been at it for a month), and Zeus was the first vendor I bought from (Amaretto, Butter Rum, Cake Batter, Teddy Gummies, Zeus-port, Zeus RY4). They arrived in about 3 business days (Florida to Georgia). Needless to say, I thought it was AMAZING! The only flavor I wasn't too wild about was the Zeus-port (I was a Newport 100 smoker. Yeah...), but being so accustomed to that flavor, it's extremely hard to replicate. All of the others were so delicious. Zeus RY4 had a very rich tobacco flavor. The amaretto tasted exactly like amaretto, alcohol and all. I was most surprised by the cake batter. When I bought it, I was thinking "this is bizarre. They can't make vapor taste like cake batter!" Boy, was I wrong.

    After my juice ran low, I decided to try another vendor, mainly because I wanted to see what else there was on the market. So I ordered 10 10ml bottles from another supplier, and... well, maybe I'd just set the bar too high, but they all tasted repulsive. Extremely bland, and my mouth was left with that nasty aftertaste comparable to when you accidentally gulp down chlorinated water from a swimming pool. Even after steeping for a week, the flavor didn't change (with Zeus, it tasted amazing upon arrival, and only improved with steeping).

    Needless to say, I'm back to Zeus. I just ordered 12 more bottles, and I am EXTREMELY excited! I am so grateful that they were my first vendor. Otherwise, I might still be killing myself with those menthols.
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