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57 Chevy - eLiquid Flavor

57 Chevy - eLiquid Flavor


1957 Cough Syrup
I am a loyal customer here and love the cinnamon danish swirl! Even some of the banana flavors I liked and once and a blue moon the watermelon. However, I ordered the 57 chevy and dropped a few drops. Wow, I thought I had drank down a shot of cough syrup! I then removed the lid and stored in my juice cabinet for steeping. 3 weeks later, I don't know whether to toss it or hope someone comes over and takes it home with them. All my not so good flavors I put out on a platter when a vaping friend comes over. I hate to knock Zeus ,but I feel I should be honest. If you fancy cinnamon, I have tried over 10 different companies and Zeus is the best HANDS DOWN. PERIOD. In closing I often we this quote on a Jeep CJ forum "to each is their own", so to those that enjoy the "57" I say very good.
Date Added: 12/04/2014 By Michael Byrd
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