WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Peppermint Ice - eLiquid Flavor

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Mint lovers are raving about the chilling, flavorful sensation of this peppermint e-juice. A cool inhalation, a crisp exhalation and incredibly refreshing experience! Shop our diverse selection of mint flavored e-juices. Copy: Soothe your body, cool your mouth and refresh your senses with the sharp chill of this peppermint e-juice. That being said, if you’ve been craving an extra cool, minty taste to satisfy your menthol cravings, this effortlessly chilled and refreshing peppermint e-juice will tickle your taste buds like no other frigid flavor. If you happen to be an ex-menthol smoker or someone who enjoys relishing in the refreshing flavor of minty extracts, you absolutely must get on board with this tasty juice. Vapers are raving about its chilling, flavorful, sensational peppermint e-juice fragrance which offers them a cool inhalation, a crisp exhalation and an incredibly icy fresh experience. We hate to brag, but this peppermint e-juice embellishes the perfect balance of an arctic cool sensation and bittersweet flavor — a pleasant, savory chilled vape cloud to swirl around to your heart’s content. This definite, must-vape is the sweet peppermint, icy throat hit that dreams are made of. It’s a powerful mint flavor like no other. Give it a try!

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