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  • Sweet Cream - eLiquid Flavor

    Review of: Sweet Cream - eLiquid Flavor

    A staple

    Pam Lyles / Feb 15, 2019
    I really like this ejuice. I like to mix it up with coffee flavors and I really like to mix it with strong menthol flavors. I have used it for several years and it's one of the flavors that I like to keep on hand.
  • Zeus E-Fruit - eLiquid Flavor

    Review of: Zeus E-Fruit - eLiquid Flavor

    Help-lost the flavor!

    Bea Weston / Feb 10, 2019
    I’ve been vaping this flavor for over 4 years, but now that I can no longer order it in higher’s not the same. I always got an 80 pg/20 vg or at 90 .at 6% nic.. Now with the 100 vg or even 50/50, my coils keep burning out and the flavor isn’t near as rich. I’m using a protank 4 wi...
  • Peaches and Cream - eLiquid Flavor

    Review of: Peaches and Cream - eLiquid Flavor

    nice peach

    mark bauer / Feb 06, 2019
    I enjoy this peach. True to Zeus the peach is a strong peachy vape that I can use through the day. Best peach I have tried in years of vaping.
  • Strawberry - eLiquid Flavor

    Review of: Strawberry - eLiquid Flavor

    Strawberry Koolaid

    Nathan Creighton / Feb 05, 2019
    This is a very mild strawberry flavor, it is definitely not just one strawberry additive, I'm pretty sure it is a mixture of at least 3 different ones with strawberry ripe from flavor apprentice being the prominent strawberry flavoring, I'm not sure what is in here but it tastes just like strawberry...
  • Medusa Juice - eLiquid Flavor

    Review of: Medusa Juice - eLiquid Flavor

    After all this time...

    Troy Dawes / Feb 03, 2019
    I have been a Halo Tribeca user for a while now and about a week or so ago I found a Zeus Juice bottle of Medusa that still had enough to fill my tank. I was thinking this taste to me much better than Tribeca or at least Better. I ordered another bottle of Medusa and Vanilla cotton candy. Medusa w...
  • Vanilla Cotton Candy - eLiquid Flavor

    Review of: Vanilla Cotton Candy - eLiquid Flavor

    Absolutely In LOVE!!!

    Amy Albritton / Dec 04, 2018
    I'm somewhat new to the vape community & have tried so many different juices & just wasn't crazy about any of them UNTIL this 1! I also just learned what ADV was & I can def say the vanilla cotton candy is by far my favorite & my ADV! I'm absolutely in love! I've been on what felt like a perpetual ...
  • Straw-Melon Cooler - eLiquid Flavor

    Review of: Straw-Melon Cooler - eLiquid Flavor

    My favorite

    Pam Lyles / Nov 06, 2018
    This is the very first Zeus ejuice that I ever had. And it's my favorite. It has just enough koolada in it to make it chilled.Not over powering at all. The strawberry and watermelon and then the koolada are delicious together. I use the 24mg in my pod. That's one thing that I really like about Zeus,...
  • Banana Nut Bread - eLiquid Flavor

    Review of: Banana Nut Bread - eLiquid Flavor


    Pam Lyles / Nov 05, 2018
    I have tried several different brands of banana nut bread ejuice but Zeus is the best that I have found. It tastes just like the real thing. All you need to go with it is a cup of coffee and time to enjoy it. I don't know of any of the flavors that I have bought from Zeus that I haven't been happy w...
  • Cake Batter - eLiquid Flavor

    Review of: Cake Batter - eLiquid Flavor

    Tastes Like Butter

    James Knechtel / Nov 04, 2018
    If you enjoy eating raw butter perhaps, but otherwise this juice was so strong and did not taste good at all.
  • Cherry Limeade - eLiquid Flavor

    Review of: Cherry Limeade - eLiquid Flavor

    Cherry limeade

    Louise Anderson / Oct 26, 2018
    I am loving the cherry limeade.. it has just the right amount of tart..