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Zeus Line Sample Pack - 12mg Nicotine

Zeus Line Sample Pack - 12mg Nicotine


not bad at all
I got this sample pack in search for a new brand. I was only familiar with liquids I found at my local vape shops, specifically, the Mister E-Liquid line. I love Mister E-Liquid flavors but 3 for $18, 10ml bottles adds up quickly. after doing some research, ZeuseJuice made the list on a few different sites for top brands/value. with that I came here in search of great liquid at decent prices so I started with the sample pack.

The sample pack consisted of 12 different flavors, each bottle 6ml, as advertised plus they threw in a free 3ml bottle with my purchase.

the liquids were great. each one was bursting with flavor. all of them were sweet, except for the two tobacco flavors. quite a few of them had a strong pineapple taste that was too pineapply for me at times. but for the most part, I had no complaints. I loved the uniqueness of each flavor along with their names such as Hermes Message, Dionysus' Aphrodisiac, & Demeter's Harvest to name a few which were also my favorite out of the lineup. there were only about 4 out of the 12 that I didn't care for but they weren't bad, just not for me.

although the flavors were great & I was pleased with my purchase, I do have one complaint about the liquid brand that's kind of a big deal for me.. the Zeus Juice liquids seemed to have completely gunked up my coils in a matter of 2 days. I've never had this problem with any other brand. I'm currently using the itaste MVP20W with the Kanger Subtank Nano. I've since tried Mt.Vapor Baker brand & I'm able to use the same coil for at least a week before it gets gunked up, as opposed to 2 days of use using zeus Juice.

all in all, definitely worth the buy. great deal, great flavor. I'll buy again when I have more money to spend on coils regularly.
Date Added: 08/16/2015 By Jessica Ritchie
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