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Zeus Line Sample Pack - 6mg Nicotine

Zeus Line Sample Pack - 6mg Nicotine


A whole new world
Absolutely the best E-juice I've ever had. I never knew that vaping could be like this.. Honestly incredible. I would have given 5 stars for the sampler pack but I didn't like 2 flavors.. The cooling agent used in Kinoe's Kooler was SUPER strong and made full hit impossible because your throat feels like it will get frostbite.. It's colder than a witch's tit! The other flavor I didn't like was Zeusboro Light. It was too funky for me. It was like cotton dust mixed with old lady perfume. I mixed it with Vanilla Tahiti and it was ok. Every other flavor is incredible though! My favorites by far are 1. Zeus Juice, 2. Athenas Adventure, 3. Pamonas Pear, 4. Posiden's Poisen, 5. Aphrodite's Affair. All the other flavors came in close. I wouldn't hesitate to order a 30ml of any of those 5 flavors I mentioned with Zeus Juice easily being an all day vape for me! I wish they had a build your own 5 bottle 30ml sample pack that was discounted. Excellent company. Excellent flavors. 3 thumbs up! If possible.
Date Added: 03/19/2015 By Samantha Sherer
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