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Zeus Line Sample Pack - 6mg Nicotine

Zeus Line Sample Pack - 6mg Nicotine


Good Stuff!
Buying this sample pack is a great way to try all the Zeus line e-juice. So far I have tried out 11 of the 12 flavors you get. Out of that there has only been one I haven't liked (Zeus-Borough Light). I rated the each flavor on a 10 point scale for overall taste (meaning it would be good for an all day vape), 10 being the best and 1 being the worst. Here we go...

Athena’s Adventure – 10
Demeter’s Harvest – 10
Herme’s Message – 10
Selene’s Seduction – 10
Zeus Juice – 10
Medusa Juice – 7
Pomona’s Pear – 7
Aphrodite's Affair - 6
Dionysus’ Aphrodisiac – 6
Poseidon’s Poison – 6
Zeus-Borough Light – 3
Khinoe’s Kooler – N/A
Date Added: 07/01/2015 By Salvadore Ferrara
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