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Cotton Candy - eLiquid Flavor

Cotton Candy - eLiquid Flavor

$4.99  $2.50
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This juice does not taste like cotton candy or a "hint of blueberry". I even sent a trouble letter stating that I ordered blueberry and they sent me plain by mistake. The support person said " We don't even make a blueberry cotton candy" I remember clearly, choosing between strawberry cotton candy and blueberry and thinking I ordered straw melon cooler so, go with blueberry?!?! Now, I feel like an really confused and totally embarrassed that I sent an email and they do not even carry it??? anyway, they said they will make one special for you with blueberry and they did. They also shipped it really fast ... TY. In the product description it says "hint of blueberry" that is where all the confusion began because there was not a hint of blueberry and it doesn't even really taste like cotton candy but, it is not bad LOL I actually used it to sweeten up some not so sweet flavors I had.

The replacement blueberry Cotton candy is really really delicious flavorful blueberry ( still not getting cotton candy flavor but, who cares) because the BLUEBERRY IS REALLY GOOD!!! It was suggested to me that I try blueberry waffle by the support person and I am because the blueberry is YUMMY!!! 60/40 PG VG 12 MGS nic mild TH ill i get this cotton candy again nope but, i will try more blueberry flavored juice from here thats for sure ty support lady :)
Date Added: 06/20/2013 By georgia k
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