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Apple Tobacco - eLiquid Flavor

Apple Tobacco - eLiquid Flavor


This is pretty run of the mill to me. It's apple tobacco alright, but I have yet to find an exceptional apple tobacco. I think it needs to have more sweetness and just a bit of a tang to it. I'm not knocking Zeus... nobody else has what I'm talking about either. I think some people think that all apples are the same. No no no. I'm an apple commissure. If you've ever had a Fuji apple... that would make a great apple tobacco. And an idea just came to cider tobacco!!! That would be good too! Not vinegar... just good cider. Yum! Anyway.. thus is an alright apple tobacco that's as good as the competition... just not exceptional. I just want a think outside the box approach to some of these "common" juices that are kinda taken for granted. Bump it up a notch or two. Give it a twist...
Date Added: 07/20/2014 By Cindy Coker
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