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Zeus-Borough - eLiquid Flavor

Zeus-Borough - eLiquid Flavor


I enjoyed this and rank it high amongst the many I have tried -- Virgin Vapor, Vapor4Life, Halo, V2 and a few others where I have tried multiple flavors. I have to quit smoking and undergoing a blitz to find that 1 flavor where I won't look back.

This and the Richmond blend have a pleasing flavor overall and you do not end up with a bad taste in your mouth, throat. This one has an edge over Richmond in tobacco taste. 'Throat hit' and vapor are good. Not sure why but it takes some effort -- pulling, sucking, drawing in -- the vapor. It almost seems like I or feels like it is thick. I use variable volt battery set to max -- 4.8 v. I do this with all brands and flavors. I use the smileizer from 4life.

Just a note, I do not use cartomizers but eliquid with a tank like hook up. Pet peeve is anything above 4 mgs gets me a little sick, so I mix 0 with 6 to get 4 Nic blend.

Hope this helps someone. When I find the flavor that I can stop smoking without thinking twice will get the magical 5 stars.
Date Added: 05/13/2014 By Errol Pacynski
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