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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Selene's Seduction - eLiquid Flavor

Overall rating: Star Rating 5/5
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  • By Tracee Bowles. on December 04, 2014
    The Best Flavor Ever
    I have tried many products of the year and have completely fell in love with this one. It truly does have the best and smooth sweet flavor. I truly enjoy it.
  • By Roberta Sam. on June 20, 2014
    Out of the mail box its quite delicious! Adding this to my rotation. If you like Demeters and medusa this is worth a try.
  • By Vincnet Rotolo. on January 23, 2015
    on its own or in a mix _3
    when i got it out the mailbox was great from the first puff. after halfway through i found my self mixing it with zigzag traditional. i must say compliments any tobacco ejuice quite nicely. i love the mix of a strong tobacco with this fruity, sweet juice. gives a whole new taste of life for my tobacco ejuices. tried it with a menthol on my wifes pvd, did not mix that well. over all like this one almost as much as Zeus Juice - eLiquid Flavor.
  • By christopher havoc. on June 27, 2014
    This has replaced moose juice as my new all time fav it's alot like moose juice just taken to the next level!!!!! It's sweet very flavorful but with a mellow hit and that's at 18 nic rit out the mail
  • By Launa Denn. on June 27, 2014
    My new ADV... Love, Love ,Love this!! Very refreshing fruity taste.
  • By Troy Stultz. on June 27, 2014
    Great flavor from Zeus. 5 stars. Ms Z is the greatest.
  • By chris plank. on June 28, 2014
    So just got it 5 mins ago and have to say its pretty darn good i was trying to figure out the flavor and i figured it out it tastes like tropical starbursts!!!!!!!!!! love it adding it to my rotation of tigers blood, menthol tabaccoo, zeuse juice and now selenes seduction!!
  • By Robert Murdock. on June 29, 2014
    Got a 30 of this in yesterday's vapemail. Today, I "cheated" to see what Selene is all about. WOW! What predominately hits me is blueberry, which I love. Will be putting it down for a "nap" and then we'll see what it's like. If you like the other fruity Zeus juices (Medusa, Demeter's Harvest, Zeus Juice), you should love this great berry blend! This time, I'm not letting my wife near it until I place a reorder, cause after I gave her Aphrodite's Affair to try, she didn't give it back!!! ;) I highly recommend. Way to go, Zeus!!!
  • By ROBERT HOOPER. on July 01, 2014
    Again another stellar vape flavor.I only buy from these guys now because quality,taste and purity of their product can not be equaled anywhere. This is a very fruit vape not to overwhelming and will easily work it way into your rotation of flavors.
  • By sandra deck. on July 02, 2014
    This juice was a great surprise for me.. it is my number 2 ADV.. behind AmazeBalls..between these 2 juices I think Zeus has hit my taste buds well and will get me off the stinkies for good...
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